(RUN​-​DMC, Adidas, A​-​trak) contest. feat. Katarzyna Pyszyńska

by MC Silk

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I want u tonight, to unite all originals
A.D.I.D.A.S. -3 stripes
From Run-DMC, down to the crazy D-rose
now from top of my dome, down to the tip of my tongue(s)

The bigger the better, no matter the weather
whatever the court and sport

put'em on your feet
better be legit
goota be the best to 'fit and go'
My idols, more of them overseas, what to do?
I allways wanted to be on of them, get through
growin' up in Poland, never being to states
I't tricky to rock a rhyme, when U don't know a word
how you gonna battle with a rythm in a head
with verbal gun, full of empty shells
gotta be the one to bite the bullet than
or make bulets Yourself

I'm packin' more than a decade of rewindin' the tape
my language skills, straight outta cassetes.
Them 'cats in the hats' or 'Yo! MTV raps'
just one of the best, to test, to bless the mic -aight!


released January 1, 2013



all rights reserved